Binding Methods

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Oversewn binding

Oversewn binding is our preferred method. It is a type of binding produced by sewing together loose leaves of paper to form a text block. Threads pass through small holes that have been punched in the signature's gutter margin (nearest the spine), forming overlock stitches that attach it to previously attached sections. A piece of reinforcing cloth is then glued to the text block spine for further support. Oversewing produces an extremely strong and durable book.

Double Fan Adhesive Binding

Double fan adhesive binding is a type of adhesive binding where the back edge of each leaf is exposed to 1/16" or less of adhesive. The margin is exposed on both sides of each leaf by clamping the textblock on a vise-like press and then pushing against the textblock, first in one direction, then the other, thereby fanning or separating the edges of the leaves. Double-fan adhesive bound books will open flatter and preserve more gutter margin than an oversewn volume. However, certain types of paper (such as coated paper) do not hold adhesive well, and, with wear and tear, the pages can come loose.

Handsewing, or sewing through the fold

Handsewing, or sewing through the fold is where the signatures of the book are folded and stitched through the fold. The signatures are then sewn at the spine to form a text block. Sew through the fold books are the best option for having a volume open flat with no inside gutter margin loss.

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