Drop-in Storage Boxes

100 North Hill Dr., Unit #5

Brisbane, CA 94005

Phone: (415) 468-0440

Fax: (415) 468-0653

E-mail: HRbookbinders@yahoo.com

Drop-In Storage Boxes

Our durable comic storage boxes are hand crafted from cover board and are reinforced and covered with buckram or Arrestox cover material.  These customizable storage boxes can be lettered or die stamped to your specification.  They are large enough to house boarded and bagged comics. Box outside dimension is: 3-1/2” wide x 7-7/8” deep x 10-5/8” tall.  Inside dimension is: 2-7/8” wide x 7-3/8” deep x 10-1/2” tall.

Price is $35.00 per box. Choose a single die imprint or title.

 Please email or phone for more information.

Additional Charges:

  • Decorative panel lines……....$2.00 each
  • Die imprint (if requested in addition to spine lettering) .........$15.00 per impression
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