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Q: How should I prepare my comics?

A:  It is best to remove your individual comic book issues from bags and boards. Place your comics in the exact order you would like them bound, removing any material you do not want bound into your book (ads, front/back covers, etc.). Some customers pull staples, which is helpful and expedites the process, but it is not required. Please flag gatefold pages with a post it note if you do not wish them cut in the trimming process.

Complete one order form per bound book and securely attach to the stack. Please write out any special instructions on the order form. If the book is part of a series, check “Match” on the order form.  If the book is part of a previously bound series, check “Repeat” on the order form. If the bind is new, check “New”.

Please print out and attach any images you would like us to reference in terms of matching styles, etc. We do keep records (we call them “rubs”) of customer binds (cover material color, lettering, etc.) and refer to these for repeat bindings, but customers sometimes like to send photos for us, as well.

Secure the stack with backing boards/cardboard (top and bottom of the sack), and firmly secure the bundle with rubber bands, string, plastic wrap, etc.


Q: How thick can my book be?

A: Stacks for binding may be no thicker than:

  • 2-” for oversew binds
  • 1-1/2” for hand sew binds
  • 1-1/2” for fan binding

Q: How can I get the look I have in mind for my bound comic books

A: When you include the binding slip with each volume to be bound, literally print or draw out the configuration you would like (i.e., size lettering you'd like, all capital letters or upper and lower case lettering, etc.). This is where you'd also show panel line and/or die imprint placement. We will do our best to match what you have shown us.

Placing an Order


Q: Do you have a font list I can choose from?

A: We have serif fonts, and sans-serif fonts in bold, and non-bold styles. You can make a general request on your order form under Special Instructions (for example, “use bold serif font” - - or- - “use san-serif, non-bold font”). There is also space on the order form for you to sketch out the look you would like for your book. We have not listed all the specific fonts we have on hand because of the complexity in the title lettering process; you might request a font we cannot make work within the space available on the spine or front cover, or because of the limitation in our stamping equipment.  For these reasons we have limited your choices as stated above to serif or sans-serif, bold or non-bold.


Q: Can I put comic book logos on my comic book covers?

A: Yes, we can foil emboss logos on your covers.

We have an extensive library of logos available:

Custom Stamp Dies

There is a spot on our order form to indicate which die you would like us to use. There is an additional fee to stamp logo(s) on your cover.


Q: How can I match comic bindings from other binderies?

A: The best way is to include a photocopy of an existing spine clearly showing the lettering you'd like us to match.  Please make sure that the bottom of the spine is visible on the copy. The bottom on the book is our reference point for measurements. Also, the copy or scan must be at 100%. We have many typefaces and can usually match the sample pretty closely. In some cases, customers send the actual book they would like us to try and match and we will return it with your completed order.


Q: If I want to include a Table of Contents page for my bound comics, would I be able to just send a PDF file, or do I need to print a TOC page and include it in the shipment?

A: Please print the table of contents and include it with your shipment. We can trim it to match the size of your comics. Please be sure and create your table of contents taking into account the actual size of your comics (not the standard 8-1/2” x 11” paper size). There may be an additional cutting fee for more than one custom cut page per book. For handsew binds, we can “tip in” up to 2 single pages.


Q: For the spine lettering, what are the maximums in regard to how much lettering can go on a spine?

A: The norm for comic books is 2-5 lines of type, so please try to keep your spine lettering within this parameter.


Q: What method does H&R use to letter comic books?

A: Currently, we hot foil stamp using hand set, metal cast type.


Q: What cover material can I chose from for the base price of $18.50?

A: Buckram, Arrestox, Imitation leather. Please see color charts.

Color Charts


Q: Can I request a flat back with an oversewn book?

A: Yes, we can leave any oversewn book as a flat back, however the rounding and backing process produces a volume that will hold its shape over time.


Q: Do you do Smyth sewing?

A: Not at present. A handsew achieves better results. Both Symth sewing and handsewing are methods of affixing together the individual issues of a volume by sewing through the fold of the issues.

Binding Methods

Q: Can all comics or magazines be fan bound (DAFB)?

A: No. We are not able to fan bind high-gloss paper, or stacks thicker than 1-1/2” with good results. Generally speaking, glue does not adhere well on glossy paper and pages may come loose over time.


Q: Which binding process keeps the most margin, oversewing or fan binding?

A: It is about the same. The fan binding process requires a little of the gutter margin be removed to get the issues into individual sheets so that each page can receive an application of adhesive. In addition, shallow notches are sawed into the gutter margin so that more surface area can receive adhesive. With the oversewing process, each issue is sewn together “as is” without any gutter margin being removed. In both cases about 3/16” gutter margin is lost in the binding process; with fan binding due to gutter trimming and notches, and with oversewing due to the stitching. A fan bound volume will open a little flatter due to the flexibility of the adhesive we use in the process. The oversewn volume is a more durable binding and is our preferred binding method. (Please refer to the question “Can all comic or magazines be fan bound?” above for more information.)


Q: What return mail method/service to you use to return my order?

A: Our default and preferred method of mailing back orders is through USPS Media Mail with delivery confirmation.  Media Mail can take up to two weeks but your package is track-able. Domestic deliveries only.



Q: When and how do I pay for my order?

A: You will be contacted by email when you order is complete. We will ship completed volumes upon receipt of you payment. We accept check, money order, phone credit card payments, and Paypal. Please contact us directly for credit card payments. You can email us to let us know you’d like to be invoiced through Paypal.


Q: Do you have a minimum order?

A: No, we do not have a minimum order policy.



Q: I would like to have my dissertation/thesis bound. Do you have my school’s requirements?

A: We have bound for many schools in the SF Bay Area and beyond, but there can be departmental requirements we may not be aware of. It is best for you to check with your department and send those requirements to us.

Q: Can I customize my order?

A: Yes, we have extras we can add to create a more elegant binding, including bonded leather cover material. 

Decorative Panel lines.............$1.00 per line

Bonded Leather......................$6.00 per volume

Head Bands............................$2.50 per volume

Ribbon Marker....................... $2.00 per ribbon

University Seal  imprint (from available die stamps) .... $6.00 per volume/imprint


Q: What is the advantage of using the “Print and Bind online Store” ?

Orders placed through our “Print and Bind” store receive priority, one-week service. By clicking on this link from our thesis and dissertation page, you can place your order, upload your PDF file, and pay. It is the quickest and often most economical way to get your dissertation printed out bound.

The total per book fee of $57.50 includes:

  • One-week “rush” service
  • *Printing
  • Binding (spine and front cover lettering, all capital letters)
  • Shipping & Handling (USPS Media mail with tracking to one location)
  • *Printing up to 250 pages, 10 of which may be color. Overages will be charged at 8 per black and white page, and 80 per color page.


Q: What do I need to know about your “Print and Bind” service?

A: We offer oversewn books in a hard case binding that follow the specifications set by the Library Binding Institute.

The per-book price includes:

  • Spine and front cover lettering in all capital letters (no italics, accent marks, scientific characters, special characters)
  • RUSH, 1-week completion time (excluding holidays)
  • Printed on 20lb., acid free, 8-1/2” x 11” paper
    • Up to 250 black and white pages, and can include 10 color pages
    • Printing overage fee: 8 per B&W copy, and 80 per color copy
    • We will Paypal invoice you for any printing overage
  • Your choice of Buckram color (see chart or visit our buckram page)
  • Your choice of foil stamping color: gold, silver, black, or white
  • Shipping and handling, media mail with delivery confirmation to one US location
  • Please be sure and let us know if you will be mailing in original signature pages to be bound into your book(s). Comic Book 7

Q: If I don’t place my order using your “Print & Bind” store, how do I get my dissertation/thesis to you for binding?

A: You can mail or bring us your printed copies. This is a good option if you would like specialty paper or have other unique printing considerations.

You can also email a PDF of your dissertation for printing. Please complete an order form and email as an attachment along with your PDF. Dissertation Order Form. You can expect an email confirmation from us within 1 business day (excluding weekends and hoilidays).

 Payment is required upon completion of your order and prior to return shipping. We will email you with a total. Credit card, money order, or Paypal payments accepted.


Q: If I do not use your “Print and Bind” option and e-mail you my PDF, what is the printing fee for various paper types?

A:  8 per B&W page and 80 per color page on 20# standard acid-free copy paper. This is the most widely request paper for the school’s dissertation/thesis copy of record.

Other paper options:

* Specialty papers may require extra processing time. Please email or phone for details.

24# bond: 10 per page

28# laser paper: 11 per page

25% cotton: 13

100% cotton rag paper: 25 per page

Color copies: 80 per copy plus any special paper fee over 8 per page



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